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Professional Development Day -May 6, 2011 at Boeing, Huntington Beach

You won't want to miss this seminar on May 6th!
Find out how you can become Future Ready at the 2011 Southern California Chapter Special Library Association Professional Development Day
  • Boeing - 5301 Bolsa Ave - Building 28 - Huntington Beach, CA
  • 9:00am to 3:00pm
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We have a terrific line up of speakers to get you and your organization "Future Ready"...

The day's moderator will be Christian Gray, Business Development Specialist at Reprints Desk,

We will kick-off the day with 3 panelists:
1. Britt Foster, MLIS Student, Class of 2011, UCLA

The 2.0 Toolbox: Choosing the Right Web 2.0 Applications to Get the Job Done.

Web 2.0 is the all the rage and you may be familiar with the most popular 2.0 tools: social networks, blogs, and the Cloud are everywhere these days. The challenge is that while Web 2.0 resources are nearly unlimited, your resources are not. How do you decide where to invest your time and energy to make the most of Web 2.0 applications?

We will look at some of the most popular and familiar Web 2.0 resources and discuss how to decide which tools to use and how to manage these resources in new ways to promote yourself, your organization, and your industry. Marketing, networking, innovating, and collaborating through Web 2.0 to remain sustainable and relevant are essential to being Future Ready.

2. Graeme Byrd, Business Development & Collaboration Manager, FMYI [for my innovation],

Powered by Human Energy

While we live in the information age - with streams of data flowing all around us every day - people and relationships are still the most critical elements. Without the context of relationship that people bring, information is just a string of characters.

To that end, facilitating collaboration and building relationships is a critical component to our knowledge economy. An organization is more than its products or services. It is about the depth of its social network, breadth of knowledge, and the speed by which we can bring ideas to market.

Be a Change Agent. Be Future Ready.

3. Sandra Crumlish, Manager, Library & Resource Center, St. Jude Medical, Inc.,

Supporting Innovation and KM by Leveraging Partnerships in a Tight Economy.

Money is tight and budgets are constantly threatened. Our vendors are also hurting so it is time to partner up and work as a team toward the organization’s goals. The Library is still responsible to support innovation and manage our information and knowledge resources. Enlisting our vendors to assist by offering value-added services to our already existing resources, with little or no cost, is the next step to success and will make the Library shine.

For lunch (salad with your choice of meat lasagna or vegetarian lasagna) we are flying in from Denver, Scott Brown and Christy Confetti Higgins for a joint presentation:

4. Scott Brown, Owner, Social Information Group, @socialinfo

5. Christy Confetti Higgins, Cybrarian, Oracle Corp

Organizational Intelligence & Creating Relationships Around Information

Partnering and connecting with your stakeholders and customers in the organization can ensure your ongoing success and sustainability around information services. We will explore the concept and practices of “organizational intelligence”, look at ways to find out about people in your organization and seek them out where they are, and talk about how to engage with them in various ways to raise your value, visibility, and credibility within the organization. We will then delve into a case study looking at examples of gaining organizational intelligence for the benefit of creating relationships, enabling collaboration around information services, communicating, gaining support for funding and information integration, and how they truly can establish sustainability and value in the long term. We will discuss internal social media and how that plays a role in this important space of building relationships, partnering, and communicating.

Following a general Q&A session (save your questions, there will be plenty of conversation happening and more than one "right" answer), we will have plenty of hands-on demonstrations.
Courtesy of Boeing IT, we will have wi-fi access, so being your web-enabled devices.

Important Registration Information - PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:
Boeing is donating use of its conference facility. However, the site is not open to the public and badging is required. The following data and deadlines pertain to all registrants. Security will verify ID's at the door.

  • Required info:
    1. Name 2. Home Address 3. Driver's License (state and #) 4. Registration due: May 02, 2011
Please send your RSVP/badging information to

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Payment information:

  • Via PayPal:
    • Student: $20.00
    • SLA Member: $35.00

    • Non-Member: $45.00

  • Via Check: mail to Bill Lee, 558 Santiago Cyn Wy., Brea, CA 92821
Many thanks to our sponsors, SafariBooks and EBSCO


We will provide $20 gas cards to carpool drivers.
Just let us know when you register

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